PM Narendra Modi’s rally in Midnapore will create history: BJP

Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s public meeting on Monday at West Midnapore district of West Bengal, BJP national secretary Rahul Sinha said that the PM’s meeting would be a historic event.

“Narendra Modi’s meeting at Midnapore will create history. The ruling party had been saying a lot so far and trying to belittle BJP. This will be a fitting reply to them. After Amit Shah’s meeting at Purulia, TMC’s counter meeting at that place had become a lacklustre affair. After Modi’s meeting on July 16, Mamata’s July 21 meeting will meet the same fate,” Sinha said on Sunday after doing a recce of the venue.

During Shah’s visit at Tarapith temple in Birbhum the TMC had put up Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s hoardings with folded hands on his route. Although TMC leaders had said it was their courtesy to welcome a guest, Sinha defined it in another manner saying, “It is the future of this state. Wherever BJP leaders will go, followers of Mamata would be standing with folded hands. They have themselves shown a trailer of what is going to happen. This is a big victory for us.”

Political scientists said that after a series of losses in bye-elections the BJP had sat down to analyse and found out that the losses were owing to the plight of farmers across the country and that is why Modi himself had initiated a number of farmer-friendly projects and was going around the country announcing those. Referring to those projects, Sinha said, “Mamata has won with the help of farmers’ votes but what has she done for them? Potato cultivators have come down on the streets, cold storages have turned into dens for goons. They have looted farmers. TMC is a party of robbers. In contrast, Modi has ensured 150 per cent MSP for farmers for their kharif crops. There will be no more farmers’ suicide. For that Mamata should be grateful to the farmers.”

Sources said that on Monday Modi will arrive in a special helicopter. For that purpose three helicopters have been readied at West Midnapore district. SPG officials said that Modi will land on any one of those and would arrive at the College Ground venue on road where the preparation work is almost completed.

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